HPL #26 -Just Imagine: How to Cultivate Long-Term Confidence by programming your Subconscious Mind


“You imagine who you wanna be, then you go out and you do, and as an end result you will have…”

David Karasek is an Olympian and former Swiss swimming champion.

Today he is a mental performance coach, currently reaching many top professional athletes through his Tribe of Athletes coaching business.

On the HPL#26 David and I spoke about the role of visualisation in developing long term success, especially using confidence as the most important tool in seeing your future self achieving what you want.

In this episode you will learn:

1. How to programme your subconscious mind using conscious mental visualisation,

2. How you can use cultivated emotions to battle external setbacks that demotivate you,

3. How to cultivate confidence as the link between your dream and its achievement.


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