Move Your Vision From The Whiteboard To The Scoreboard

Teams need High Performance Cultures to bring their Vision & Strategy to Life.

Professionals in these teams need Engaging Plans of Action to build these Cultures.

My name is Andri and I help Managers in Business & Sport turn their Teams into Vision-Executing High Performance Cultures.

We need guidance in building a High Performance Team Culture to execute our Vision

I need an Engaging Plan of Action to help me reach the top of my Profession

“My mission is to help managers turn flat and abstract visions & values, displayed in corporate reception areas and on team changing room walls, into living systems & behaviours – and to coach them to develop these into high performance team cultures.”


How Can I Help You Execute your Vision?

I help teams in sport & business turn their vision into systems that transform behaviours into results.

Here’s how…

Team Campaigns

Get me on your business or sports team for a season to help turn your team into a Vision-focused High Performance Culture.

Performance Stories

Invite me for a speaking engagement so that I can share some lessons from my experience in professional sport.

1-on-1 Coaching

Take a leap and ask me to be your personal coach, guide and mentor to help you master your performance aspirations.

NAMA XABA | The DHL Stormers

“In pro sport there is very little that separates the good athletes from the great. 

Andri helped me with setting up a deliberate plan of increasing difficulty to work on my skill on the field, which is jackaling at the breakdown. From mental preparation to analysing the opposition and referee. And to be able to record my sessions with the intent of getting better and better every time.

I believe that will set me apart and make me the best in the world soon.”


“I have come to know Andri as an extremely enthusiastic and passionate person. 

He is very knowledgable and well read. His experience in the high performance industry makes him an ideal person to help a team, company or individual in their pursuit of excellence.”


“Andri always advised me to broaden my spectrum. He Invested a lot of time in player welfare and life after rugby.”

SCHALK ERASMUS | The Vodacom Bulls

“Andri saw something in me when I was still in high school and signed me to Western Province and the Stormers. 

Aspects that Andri gave new meaning to were definitely to focus on planning your week and habit creation. It was something that I had read about, but he went into details that were eye opening for me.”

LUAN SCHOEMAN | UltraRunner & Engineer

“I used to think high performance in one area meant total dedication to that area of life, but now I see balance is critical. 

I never really paid attention to the difference between ‘goals’ and ‘success’. I thought achieving goals were equal to success! The re-orientation of this kind of thinking has helped me look with different eyes at how to achieve goals for a successful lifestyle.”

DAN JOOSTE | The Cell C Sharks

“Andri was a huge help to me as a young rugby player, advising me through my academic responsibilities and financial positions, always challenging me to look for better opportunities. 

He also played a big role in the mental side of being a young sportsman and how to become mentally stronger and fitter.”

What I’ve learnt from High Performance Sport and Behavioural Psychology is that you can programme success with relative accuracy. Top performers do this by how they…

Think, Plan & Act

Andri Stander


What can you learn from the guys and girls in the game?

Do your daily lifestyle decisions reflect the importance of your end goal?

If people were to judge you by your lifestyle and your habits, would they know for sure that your Vision and Goals were important to you? This question seems loaded, but it’s actually quite simple: How do you show what you value to others? We can talk a big game, we can paint dream boards…

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