Why is my work important to your performance?

“Coaches and CEO’s are responsible for creating the operational systems of a Team. My role is to help create the Spirit & Soul that would take the performance of the operational systems to the next level.”

My Experience has taught me that Teams Succeed because of 3 Factors:

1. How teams think about their vision and what they want to achieve;

2. How they plan their environment to create focus towards their vision;

3. How they act intentionally to reflect the vision in their daily habits.

My approach aims to maximise the following crucial elements:


Visionary Leadership


Focused Environment


Team Engagement

Where do we start?

Step 1:

Get in touch with me so we can set up a call to discuss your needs

Step 2:

Confirm our Project Brief, Intervention Type and Timeline

Step 3:

Let’s get going with first leadership workshop, followed by Team Workshop

The Questions that will Drive our Process

  • What is our Vision and is it clear enough for our team to understand?
  • How should leadership communicate the vision to the team to inspire buy-in?
  • How should planning around environment, resources & people prioritise team or company objectives?
  • How does leadership create a culture of engagement that motivates outcome-focused team behaviour?

My name is Andri and thanks for reading this far.

I am a high performance fanatic. I am happiest when I can help develop environments that make it easier for people in teams to give their best in their pursuit of personal growth, achievement and enjoyment.

After leaving school I never truly settled into one specific vocation. I could never see myself becoming an accountant, engineer, doctor or anything that required long periods of specialised study and qualification. This was mostly due to my interest in so many different areas of learning and work. I also wanted the time to follow other pursuits that fuelled my passions.

The major benefit of growing in so many areas has made me a specialist in objective perspective. I am able to share in most discussions, but I can also ask questions in those in which I have little experience. I can connect the dots between various topics and love finding relationships between things that seem otherwise disconnected. I love finding the small personal shifts that turn the big vision in a person or team’s mind into something real and actionable.

I’m a very committed family man, avid mountain man, music-and film lover, good food connoisseur and can bake a reasonably good homestyle bread.

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