Team Coaching Campaigns

Team Coaching Campaigns are ideal for Corporate teams (such as SBU’s), Small businesses or Sports Teams

In sport a campaign is the season-long series of training sessions, friendlies, team meetings, socials and competitive matches that culminate in a single pre-determined desired outcome.

My HPL Team Coaching Campaigns focus on helping teams find the changes in tactics that will help them execute their strategy. I can help in the following gamechanging areas if teams are serious about achieving their desired results:

1. Meaningful vision that is clear and gets the team excited

2. An Environment that focuses the team towards the vision

3. Engaging culture that drives team member motivation

High Performance Bootcamps

High Performance Bootcamps are group workshops designed for the development of individual Professionals or Leaders of an organisation or team

In sport a bootcamp is a group physical training program designed to build individual strength and fitness for a pre-determined performance outcome.

My HPL High Performance Bootcamps are built for individuals that have a burning desire to be high performers in their world.

Let me help you develop a personal performance system that can serve you as ‘performance gear’ for your profession. As a high performer you will need to develop skills that will help you know:

1. What you want to achieve & how to judge your own success

2. What to focus on when you design a plan for your success

3. What you should do every day to drive consistent success

1-on-1 Performance Coaching

1-1 Performance Coaching is an exclusive service customised for individuals that feel they need special guidance in their pursuit of professional success

Sport is well known for a number of successful coach-and-performer partnerships. The best coaches are known for asking the right questions and empowering their athletes to drive their own progress. Coaches can also be good mentors, councillors and managers.

My favourite area of high performance programme management is helping individual performers plan their success and coach them to drive their own personal performance lifestyle.

Allow me to build a professional coaching relationship with you to help you become the best high performer you could be.

Please note that 1-1 Performance Coaching is an intensive personal growth project and a long-term commitment, so I can only help a small number of high performance clients at a time.

What else can I help you with?

Invite me to speak to your teams, leaders or guests

Special presentations at workshops, seminars & leadership summits

Speaking engagements at functions and events

Professional development talks at universities, schools, academies

High Performance Panel discussion facilitation

Interviews and Discussions (Media, Podcast, etc.)

Workshop or Strategic planning meeting facilitation

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