HPL#11 – Have a great day!: How keeping your head down helps your build progress


“What your day looks like depends on where you need to get to. Every day needs to contain proofs of the end goal you want to achieve.” – Andri Stander

Who hasn’t had a rough year? It doesn’t matter what the year is. When you stretch out your timeline long enough to contain all the things that have happened to you and what you need to achieve, chances are you are increasing the level of stress in your life.

The secret to fighting this is to shrink that timeline to just focus on today. If you can make today great and then tomorrow and then the next, chances are you will achieve more than you would have if you thought about the future too much.

In this episode Andri shares some stories from some tough years in his life and what focusing on the short term does to improve personal progress towards a goal and increase performance.

Keep your head down and get done what needs to be done today and you will have a great day.

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