HPL #12 – The Financial Performance Plan: The Wealth creation plan for high performers with Geo Botha (PART 2)


Everyone needs a high performance plan for their money. Most people don’t even know where to start. In the HPL podcast #12, Andri chats to Geo Botha, wealth planner and financial expert from Bovest Wealth Management.

Geo is a high performer. Not only is he a partner at Bovest Wealth (a family-owned financial firm that he manages with his father and brother), but also a strong lifestyle triathlete, former junior professional rugby player, former Mr South Africa contestant and co-host of the ‘F’-word podcast.

In HPL12 Andri chats to Geo about setting up a full plan to earn and manage your wealth. In this 3-part episode you will learn how to:

1. Identify and develop your own personal mindset and philosophy about money;

2. Structure your life, earnings and budget so that your lifestyle reflects your financial goals;

3. Executing your financial plan by programming your habits and making the right daily decisions

Geo is very passionate about wealth and money, without being obsessed with it, which makes him a great guide on how to use money as a tool for building a life that creates value for everyone around you.

You can reach Geo on Instagram and Linkedin.

You can also email him for further advice or to set up a conversation about your wealth planning.

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