HPL#20 – Happ(ier) New Year (Part 1): 2020 was great for some of us


How will you remember the batsh*t crazy year that was 2020? Did you manage to find some areas of growth or was it all downhill?

I’m done talking about 2020 and it’s problems! Although I’d like to touch on how it was one of my best years in the past decade.

Through the perspective of what I learnt from my first 13 guests on the HPL podcast, this episode will explore some of the golden threads that the guests on the show in 2020 helped me to discover.

I believe there are a very few number of big lessons in living a high performance life that, if pursued with real dedication and focus, can hugely change your life.

I noticed the consistency in what my high performance guests spoke about and how the above simple lessons shine through in every one of their chats.

Dive in for some nuggets of high performance, lessons I learnt from the guests on my show in 2020.

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