HPL#9 – Run or Ride: Digging yourself out of mentally challenging times


“Sometimes you just have to take your focus off the longer term and grind through each day at a time”(paraphrased) – Andri Stander

At this stage everyone is tired of talking or hearing about Covid-19 and the lockdown. But the fact is that it still affects all of us and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

If you are mentally worn out or stressed out because of the uncertainty left behind by this pandemic, you might have lost a job, income, closed your business or worse, then you might take some heart from my own personal approach to moving forward.

For more content on this topic, I wrote an article on the story of Mauro Prosperi a while back. It is incredibly inspirational and teaches us to never give up, even if we really want to.

Run or ride is about alternating between your longer term and your short term focus. In really tough times, it’s often good to just keep your eyes on the couple of yards in front of your feet.

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