HPL #13 – The Humble Hero: The incredible true story of Elliot Zolile Hanabe


Sometimes all we need is an amazing story. Elliot’s is one that will change your life.


Elliot Zolile Hanabe overcame so many odds to be where he is today, working as a technical analyst for one of the world’s top rugby brands. His story is one that is so familiar in a South African context yet, where most other kids from the street never break out of poverty and desperation, he has managed to build a career in high performance…all the while still keeping a smile on his face.


The HPL podcast episode #13 is all about hope and hard work. It’s about making the most of every opportunity and choosing to not let the difficulties of life get you down. If there is someone who has almost earned the right to feel hard done by in life, it’s Elliot. Yet, he chooses to focus on the fact that he can still be a source of joy for others.


This is not a typical high performance case study, but it is a great story of resilience and hard work.

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