HPL#14 – Focus, Execute, Rest, Repeat: Simplifying high performance for the modern era with Ross Williams


We live in an age of complexity. We want more knowledge, more skills, more roles and more tasks to drive our lives. We want busyness to be the proof of our productivity.

Ross Williams is my guest on the HPL Podcast #14 and he believes that this is the most ineffective way to successfully build a high performance lifestyle.

Ross is a relationship marketing specialist and rugby coach. He believes in simplicity, mastery and focus and strongly feels that less is more and slower is better. We tend to be more successful in the areas we are best at and if we spend more time on them, we are almost guaranteed a happier life.

He feels that we also need to take life a little slower if we are to keep our minds healthy and strong for when we really jump into seasons of serious performance.

Check out the latest episode of the HPL podcast for our chat on how to build better performance by simplifying, focusing and taking it a bit slower.

You can follow Ross on Linkedin and Twitter or check our his company, Inversion Agency.

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