HPL#18 – Who do you think you are?: Why your Personal Identity drives your Personal Wellbeing with Hilana Claassens


Do you define who you are or do you leave it up to others to do it for you?

On HPL#18 Andri discusses the importance of building a solid personal identity with Hilana Claassens.

Hilana is the National Player Development Manager for MyPlayers, which is the commercial arm of the SA Rugby Players’ Association. She is responsible for the holistic development of professional rugby players in South Africa. As a psychologist, she manages a team of player development managers spread across South Africa, all with the common goal of helping players plan and grow their own personal wellbeing.

In this episode you will learn how the develop a strong personal identity and why it is important.

We also clarify the importance of separating what you do and why you do it, that your vocation or career is not your purpose, but rather a tool you use to discover and then share it.

You will also learn the importance of relationship and perspective in developing self-awareness as crucial for accepting help and advice and to screen and ignore ‘negative noise’.

A strong personal identity is the cornerstone for living a life that values personal development and professional success. Stay tuned to an incredibly insightful discussion with a powerful woman in the South African sporting landscape.



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