HPL#17 – Observe and Report: What I learnt about leadership in 2020


What did you learn during a world-changing 2020?

On HPL#17 I afford myself some time to share a couple of philosophies on what this year taught me about leadership and how it can help you also be a better leader that is driven for performance.

Whether you lead others or just want to lead yourself well, the basic principles for building a high performance life are the same.

In this episode you will learn how a narrow focus can better help you choose what to prioritise when aiming for achievements. You will also learn that being jobless is okay and that true freedom comes from doing your own thing.

Most importantly you will learn that the core of solid leadership is to find something you truly believe in and to stand strongly for it, rather than finding something to stand against. Inspiring people to follow your legacy relies on your ability to get people to believe what you believe in and to be able to understand what motivates people’s points of view.

Enjoy the show!

In the episode I mentioned Andy Stanley’s talk on leading yourself well. I can strongly recommend it!

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