HPL#24 – Cry like a Man!: How ownership, mentorship and purposeful identity develops healthy masculinity with Dylan Roos


How can men still be men in a modern society that wants them to feel ashamed of their true nature?

Based on the principles of his Princes to Kings and Momentum programmes, Dylan Roos talks to Andri about taking ownership of your own path as a young man, one that can help you answer the question of ‘what does it mean to be a real man?’.

We discuss the importance of responsibility and mentorship in overcoming the stumbling blocks that sidetrack men from finding their true purpose and identity in life. 

Fake role models, addictions and pent up emotions are the roots of growing anxiety and depression in young men, which disempower them from leading meaningful lives.

Tune in to find out how Dylan is overcoming these obstacles and what other young men can do from an early age to avoid the traps of the modern world.


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