HPL#25 – Connection, Culture & Context: How successful leadership is about creating engaging team environments with Joey Mongalo


“I don’t know anybody…who’s done anything significant who has not connected with their people .”

Joey Mongalo, together with a team of other great coaches, has been at the heart of the revival at the Bulls in South African rugby. Having started his career as a junior player there and then venturing into the corporate world, he was fortunate to have been lured back into the game by a former mentor.

Now specialising as a defensive coach in one of club rugby’s most talented coaching units (and rising commercial sports power), Joey is also growing as an academic in the field of organisational psychology, particularly leadership.

On the HPL#25 he shares his experiences, research and personal views from his career as championship winning coach and leadership student.

We especially discussed how understanding the context of the team and their culture is vital for successful leadership as well as the importance of diversity for success.

If you are a leader (or consider yourself to be), then the lessons from this talk can serve as a useful toolset for building high performing teams.






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