Do your daily lifestyle decisions reflect the importance of your end goal?

If people were to judge you by your lifestyle and your habits, would they know for sure that your Vision and Goals were important to you?

This question seems loaded, but it’s actually quite simple: How do you show what you value to others?

We can talk a big game, we can paint dream boards and vision maps and tell people what amazing plans we have, but in the end the only currency is our behaviours.

Even more important are the behaviours that are automatic in your life. How you make habits of the activities that drive you towards your goals and how you eliminate those that keep you away from them.

People with kids always know they are small behaviour-reflectors! They will do what you consistently do, not what you tell them to do. If you see behaviours in them that you don’t approve of or are counter to what you are trying to teach them, they probably learnt them from you. Whether it’s your use of language, your temper or your behaviour towards others, your kids will do what you do.

Not everyone has kids to show them how their behaviours are failing them. But if you could take a third person’s view of your life, what would you write down about the way you do things, what you do, how consistently you do them and how they affect your vision and end goal.

If you want to increase your ability to execute your vision, start programming and tracking what you do. Let your lifestyle be a collection of the activities that help you progress towards the goals that make up your life vision.

To those around you, your lifestyle should reflect the importance of your vision and the best way to see this is in what you do every do.

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