HPL#7 – Forget the goals and enjoy the ride towards a fit lifestyle with Vicky van der Merwe


“…if you’ve got a goal and you achieve it, awesome, celebrate it. But then life goes on. You mustn’t always get so caught up in goals, it must also be [about] enjoying it.” – Vicky van der Merwe (International Triathlete and Coach)

The HPL Podcast Episode #7 features international triathlete and coach, Vicky van der Merwe.

Vicky started Triathlon at age 15 while at Bloemhof Girls’ School in Stellenbosch. Under the guidance of Libby Burrel (who is still her mentor) she moved to Australia after school to train under Olympic coach Stephen Moss. Since then she has raced in over 40 countries, competed in the International Triathlon Circuit and trained under various Olympic Coaches while also completing her LLB Law degree.

Career highlights include: 2016 Rio Olympic Triathlon Squad; SA Team for Rio Olympic Test event in 2015; Multiple South African and African Junior Triathlon Champ; 3 x Biathle World Champ; and Provincial colours in 9 different sports.

In the HPL podcast #7 Vicky chats about her transition into becoming a top-level triathlete and competing on the world stage. She made a transition into coaching when she started the Stellenbosch Triathlon Squad as a training squad for athletes, which has since grown into a 200+ athlete training group, including elite-level athletes, lifestyle athletes and beginners.

We discussed the value of becoming a lifelong ‘lifestyle athlete’, regardless of fitness level, and how the best way to develop this is to not focus too much on setting goals, but rather to focus on consistent activity, regardless of training level.

This is a great high performance chat for people who are considering taking the step into changing their life and health through training, but don’t know how to get going. The best start you can give yourself is to join a group that builds a sense of community around your same desired fitness lifestyle and to enjoy the process, rather than fixate on the outcome.



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