HPL#15 – Working that magic muscle: How helping your glutes wake up can change your life with Nadia Clenzos


So many of us sit all day at a desk. For most who do it’s causing a backward spiral that you may not be aware of. Or you might already have injuries that you didn’t even know were caused by sitting.

A couple of years ago I continuously twisted my ankle while running due to an under-firing left leg. I managed to trace this problem back to weak glutes caused by sitting.

In this episode I have a conversation with Stellenbosch Academy of Sport physiotherapist Nadia Clenzos.

Nadia is a rehab physio with the Springboks Sevens team, having also previously worked with WP Rugby and the Junior Springboks.

She helps me find out how reawakening the glute muscles (your butt) and just moving around a bit more during the day can avoid your muscular system from spiralling into an imbalanced mess, like mine did from constant sitting.

Tune in to find out how prolonged sitting might also be the cause of weak glutes and constant muscular issues for you as well.


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