HPL#16 – Designed for a Purpose: How to use your values to build a high performance life with Emile van Biljon


We are essentially a collection of everything we have experienced in our past. The things we remember to be important for us make up our values and these can be useful in determining our life purpose.

Emile van Biljon, a Human Behaviour Specialist with the Demartini Institute, talks us through elements of his life story and how his different career shifts helped him discover his life purpose.

In this episode you will hear how he helps coach people to discover their life values and how they form the basis for building a purposeful life. We also chat about the value of personal development, particularly the role of mentors and coaches in helping people ask the right questions that can guide them to a more meaningful life.

High Performance is a result of knowing what we want. Without a clear picture of what that is, we can’t act on building the life we want. This episode will show us how to create that clarity and then convert it into a lifestyle that moves towards our purpose every day.


The Demartini Institute

Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra

James Clear’s Habit Stacking

Benjamin Hardy’s Future Self Course

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