HPL#22 – Why limit yourself to the Outcome?: How the real pro’s find balance & perspective in the process with Nic Groom


“We are not what we do.” – Nic Groom (Professional rugby player @ Edinburgh Rugby Club)

How often do you feel your profession will define you?

And that professional value lies in going all-in on what you do?

In the HPL#22 ‘Groomie’ recounts his road to professional rugby through the disappointments and perspective changes that came with not making the team. 

Nic gives some great insights on how to take an outside view of your professional life and how to put your career in it’s place, by building interests that can complement your career, but also help provide some healthy distraction.

We also spoke about shifting from the mindset of being the ‘outcome of your effort’ by not worrying about results but rather fixating on your behaviours and sticking to the process.

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