Do your daily lifestyle decisions reflect the importance of your end goal?

If people were to judge you by your lifestyle and your habits, would they know for sure that your Vision and Goals were important to you?

This question seems loaded, but it’s actually quite simple: How do you show what you value to others?

We can talk a big game, we can paint dream boards and vision maps and tell people what amazing plans we have, but in the end the only currency is our behaviours.

Even more important are the behaviours that are automatic in your life. How you make habits of the activities that drive you towards your goals and how you eliminate those that keep you away from them.

People with kids always know they are small behaviour-reflectors! They will do what you consistently do, not what you tell them to do. If you see behaviours in them that you don’t approve of or are counter to what you are trying to teach them, they probably learnt them from you. Whether it’s your use of language, your temper or your behaviour towards others, your kids will do what you do.

Not everyone has kids to show them how their behaviours are failing them. But if you could take a third person’s view of your life, what would you write down about the way you do things, what you do, how consistently you do them and how they affect your vision and end goal.

If you want to increase your ability to execute your vision, start programming and tracking what you do. Let your lifestyle be a collection of the activities that help you progress towards the goals that make up your life vision.

To those around you, your lifestyle should reflect the importance of your vision and the best way to see this is in what you do every do.

HPL #26 -Just Imagine: How to Cultivate Long-Term Confidence by programming your Subconscious Mind

“You imagine who you wanna be, then you go out and you do, and as an end result you will have…”

David Karasek is an Olympian and former Swiss swimming champion.

Today he is a mental performance coach, currently reaching many top professional athletes through his Tribe of Athletes coaching business.

On the HPL#26 David and I spoke about the role of visualisation in developing long term success, especially using confidence as the most important tool in seeing your future self achieving what you want.

In this episode you will learn:

1. How to programme your subconscious mind using conscious mental visualisation,

2. How you can use cultivated emotions to battle external setbacks that demotivate you,

3. How to cultivate confidence as the link between your dream and its achievement.


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HPL#25 – Connection, Culture & Context: How successful leadership is about creating engaging team environments with Joey Mongalo

“I don’t know anybody…who’s done anything significant who has not connected with their people .”

Joey Mongalo, together with a team of other great coaches, has been at the heart of the revival at the Bulls in South African rugby. Having started his career as a junior player there and then venturing into the corporate world, he was fortunate to have been lured back into the game by a former mentor.

Now specialising as a defensive coach in one of club rugby’s most talented coaching units (and rising commercial sports power), Joey is also growing as an academic in the field of organisational psychology, particularly leadership.

On the HPL#25 he shares his experiences, research and personal views from his career as championship winning coach and leadership student.

We especially discussed how understanding the context of the team and their culture is vital for successful leadership as well as the importance of diversity for success.

If you are a leader (or consider yourself to be), then the lessons from this talk can serve as a useful toolset for building high performing teams.






Trillion Dollar Coach

The One Thing


HPL#24 – Cry like a Man!: How ownership, mentorship and purposeful identity develops healthy masculinity with Dylan Roos

How can men still be men in a modern society that wants them to feel ashamed of their true nature?

Based on the principles of his Princes to Kings and Momentum programmes, Dylan Roos talks to Andri about taking ownership of your own path as a young man, one that can help you answer the question of ‘what does it mean to be a real man?’.

We discuss the importance of responsibility and mentorship in overcoming the stumbling blocks that sidetrack men from finding their true purpose and identity in life. 

Fake role models, addictions and pent up emotions are the roots of growing anxiety and depression in young men, which disempower them from leading meaningful lives.

Tune in to find out how Dylan is overcoming these obstacles and what other young men can do from an early age to avoid the traps of the modern world.


HPL#23 – You are in Control (Part 2): How to apply a high performance mindset to your career with Jack Birtwhistle

Are you really doing what you what you are passionate about?

You can choose where you want to be, even if it takes a bit of time.

On Part 2 Jack Birtwhislte tells us how to make the change in our life if we feel we are a passenger in our own career.

Applying a high performance system used by professional sportsmen, you can start making the career choices that you really want.

HPL#23 – You are in Control (Part 1): How the cliches can help you design a High Performance System with Jack Birtwhistle

You have more control than you think, if you would only stop worrying about what you can’t control.

Being successful is something you can choose and to do so you need to develop an intentional system for high performance.

Jack Birtwhistle is the Performance Skills Coach at Connacht Rugby Club in Ireland and is passionate about helping serious performers choose to be the best versions of themselves.

In this episode you will learn how to design the high performance framework he uses with his professional players, which you can also use in any area of your life.

Show Notes:

Paul Dolan – Happiness by Design

HPL#22 – Why limit yourself to the Outcome?: How the real pro’s find balance & perspective in the process with Nic Groom

“We are not what we do.” – Nic Groom (Professional rugby player @ Edinburgh Rugby Club)

How often do you feel your profession will define you?

And that professional value lies in going all-in on what you do?

In the HPL#22 ‘Groomie’ recounts his road to professional rugby through the disappointments and perspective changes that came with not making the team. 

Nic gives some great insights on how to take an outside view of your professional life and how to put your career in it’s place, by building interests that can complement your career, but also help provide some healthy distraction.

We also spoke about shifting from the mindset of being the ‘outcome of your effort’ by not worrying about results but rather fixating on your behaviours and sticking to the process.

HPL#21 – In the Present Tense: How being in the moment and not the mind improves performance with Riki Cribb

Would you think that better performance would require you to spend less time in your head?

Most sport psychologists talk about mindset, mental strength headsmart. But what if the best performers don’t even operate in the mental space when they perform in the moment?

The HPL#21 I welcomes Riki Cribb (Mental coach of the Brumbies Rugby team in Australia) for one of the most fascinating discussions on the show this far.

We discuss the value of forgetting about your goals, not caring too much when on the big stage and just being present in each moment.

Sounds counterintuitive for high performance? Tune in to find out why it’s the crucial tool when stepping into the zone.


Show notes: 


Riki Cribb on Instagram

Brumbies Rugby

HPL#20 – Happ(ier) New Year (Part 2): 9 Great questions to make a great year

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask.”- Emile van Biljon (HPL#16) 

Do you want to end 2021 feeling like you achieved everything you wanted? I believe if you ask yourselves the right questions now you might be able to trigger the changes that will get you there.

In part 2 of the HPL#20 I ask myself (and you) 9 questions aimed at making 2021 a year you can be proud of. A year with structure and intent and action that is inspired by your own personal vision.

In this episode you will give yourselves the answers on the following:

1. What is my vision for this year?

2. How will I streamline my lifestyle to focus on my vision?

3. How will I realise a bit of my vision every day through my behaviours?


Show notes:

James Clear – Atomic Habits

Charles Duhigg – The Power of Habit


HPL#20 – Happ(ier) New Year (Part 1): 2020 was great for some of us

How will you remember the batsh*t crazy year that was 2020? Did you manage to find some areas of growth or was it all downhill?

I’m done talking about 2020 and it’s problems! Although I’d like to touch on how it was one of my best years in the past decade.

Through the perspective of what I learnt from my first 13 guests on the HPL podcast, this episode will explore some of the golden threads that the guests on the show in 2020 helped me to discover.

I believe there are a very few number of big lessons in living a high performance life that, if pursued with real dedication and focus, can hugely change your life.

I noticed the consistency in what my high performance guests spoke about and how the above simple lessons shine through in every one of their chats.

Dive in for some nuggets of high performance, lessons I learnt from the guests on my show in 2020.